How to focus intensely

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Published: 3 years ago
|Updated: 3 years ago

Focusing on a task can really be a hard job if you have so many distractions all around. Sometimes, we are so unfocused that we fail to accomplish a single task  throughout  the day. However, with some habit development, e.g. lessening screen time, practising meditation, hyperfocus etc., we can headway with intense focus. By following the tips hereunder, you can definitely pull off the habit of intense focus



Put your phone out of your sight while working.

Daily 1x

Practice mindfulness and meditation.

Daily 1x

Artificially invoke a sense of intensity. Choose your top priority task and devot unsparing focus on it and get done with the task in a shorter deadline.

Daily 1x

Continually practise hyper focus.

Daily 1x

Delete your social media apps.


While stuck in your task, go through different materials, such as, read a book, watch videos, which will open windows of ideas to get on with the task. (The method is called “Scratch”).

Daily 1x

Pick one highlight of the day and do that task no matter what.

Daily 1x

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