5 Tips To Fix A Relationship

by The All-Loving
Published: 2 years ago
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The Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) has told us about people that show up on the day of judgement,and this is perhaps the scariest thing of them all. He said, they come on the day of judgement and they have their prayers,fasting, charity and many other good deeds with them. But they cursed people,mocked them, hit them, backbit and all of these wrongdoings that they committed against people. Then all of their good deeds will be taken away from them and will be given to the people that they have wronged. They will be thrown to the hellfire. Allah has made sacred the rights of people,the honor of people. So we should make up with the people that we may have hurt,or people that we were hurt by. We should fix our relationships with our family members,relatives ,friends, neighbours and other people. Here are 5 tips about how we can do this.



Coming to the conclusion that it's not worth it. It's not worth losing out on the pleasure of Allah. It's not worth losing out on the pleasure of finding your good deeds on the day of judgement.


Swallowing your anger and to part in the people is one of the greatest exercises of preferring Allah SWT to yourself. So swallow your anger, put your nufs down and let go of your ego. Allah loves those who prefer to obey him,who like what He likes over their own desires. once


Follow the teachings of prophet Muhammad (pbuh). When you are in a place of anger,if you are standing, sit down and if you are sitting down, lay down. Remove yourself from the place of confrontation. Say, A'udhu Billahi min ash-shaytaan-i'r rajeem. Make wudu/ablution because it can cool yourself down.


Relationships with the family are so much more sacred and so much more precious than any other relationship. So, renew your relationship with your family, connect with those who caused you hardship or you have caused them hardship or pain. Forgive each other and continue. Allah does not like the people who severs the ties of kinship,because those ties are tied to the Throne of Allah SWT.


Remove the grudge that you are holding, reconcile, get over that hump, it allows you to focus on your spirituality. If we keep the hatred, the grudge in our hearts then we will not be able to fill our hearts with the love of Allah.


The All-Loving


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