How To Remove Negative Thoughts About Allah From Your Heart

by One Islam Productions
Published: 3 years ago
|Updated: 3 years ago

There comes a point in everyone's life when they deeply think about Allah. Even our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) did the same. Due to challenges of our life and myriad of life experiences, bad thoughts about Allah do occur in our thoughts. Having good and bad thoughts about Allah is what we sometimes struggle with. Our deen teaches us to be optimistic. Our tests are not more than what we can withstand. We have to actively work at subduing our negative thoughts and bad thoughts about Allah.



Reignite your relationship with the Quran. Look into the words of the Quran and think deeply about it. There are stories about people who were greater than us,more virtuous than us and still they were tested in greater ways than us. Learn from their stories.

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Knowing that healing in the Quran is in the practice of it. Practice and follow the teachings of the Quran. We should not just recite the words and sit back.

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You should submit to the will of Allah and have faith in Him.

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Find comfort with the believers. Find comfort with those people who support you,uplift you from the depression,sadness and doubt about Allah with good words,good invitation towards the Almighty.

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