That’s How You Learn a New Language: 7 Effective Methods

by Sprouts
Published: 2 years ago
|Updated: 2 years ago

Learning a new language is challenging and requires hard labour. It becomes worse when you can’t find the right way. As a result, you may easily get frustrated and quit your journey. So, here are 7 most powerful ways that will shed light on your way of learning a new language.



Drown yourself to swimming. Leave your home and go to the place where they speak nothing but the language that you want to learn.


Pay attention to immersion. Learn a new language through exposure and context.

Daily 8x

Learn new vocabulary by adopting the “Mnemonics” method.

Daily 1x

Follow the “Scriptorium Technique” to force yourself to slow down and pay attention to detail.

Daily 1x

Try the “Shadowing Technique” to enrich your vocabulary.

Daily 1x

Take help from Tech and Apps. Go online to learn.

Daily 1x

Get a Studybuddy. Connect with people from around the world to teach and learn from each other via online platforms like Skype, Meet, Zoom, Team, Messenger Room, etc.

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