5 BEST Ways to Study Effectively | Scientifically Proven

by Motivation2Study
Published: 3 years ago
|Updated: 3 years ago

If you don’t know the exact ways to study, what you are doing right now might be a waste of time. The common tactics like reading over your notes, reviewing the class materials, highlighting things, and following the Repetition technique have been drilled into you for years. But science has proven that certain study techniques are more beneficial than others. So, instead of spending hours after hours trying to search for the right answer, adopt these 5 best techniques for studying effectively.



Master the “Memory Palaces Technique” to improve your memory power.

Daily 1x

Teach someone what you want to learn. Try the Feynman Technique/Protege Effect to deconstruct and then reconstruct your ideas.

Daily 1x

Practice tests. Space out your learning to boost your performance.

Daily 1x

Apply the Zeigarnik Effect/Pomodoro Technique to keep your brain focused.

Daily 1x

Follow the “Distributed Learning” (Spaced Repetition) method.

Daily 1x



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