5 Ways To Have 10x More Energy Throughout The Day

by better ideas
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Published: 3 years ago
|Updated: 3 years ago

It’s normal to feel tired after a day-long job or activity. However, on some days we feel nothing to do at all, even 8 hours of such beauty sleep feels like adding more to that lethargy. This prolonged sluggishness can be the result of our muddled sleep routine or messy food habits or even due to the idea of always being tired we rear in our mind. In that case, the following tips can help you to have a leg up.



Be an energetic person by believing that you are an energetic person.

Daily 1x

Do not oversleep and be consistent with your wake-up time

Daily 1x

Do exercise regularly.

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Eat better e.g. cut out sugar, reduce cheap carb consumption, add good fats, dark greens and drink lots of water.

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When your energy level dwindles in a day, opt for productive resets, such as, short walk, meditation or hitting the gym or exercise.

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