What to do immediately after committing a sin

by iLovUAllahâ„¢
Published: 3 years ago
|Updated: 3 years ago

As humans we are weak, and we can and do make mistakes. We commit sins. After committing a sin,we often think that this is not the right time to ask Allah for forgiveness. But there is no bad or inappropriate time to ask Allah for forgiveness,even if we are halfway in our sin. Allah is All-Forgiving, All Merciful. He knows our weaknesses and our shortcomings. His door of forgiveness is always open. No matter how awful our sin,Allah is always ready to hear and accept our repentance. So if we commit a sin,we should not sit back and wait. We should immediately do these things because if Allah wills, our sins will be wiped away.



Immediately follow up with a good deed. Any kind of good deed- be kind to your parents, feeding the hungry, helping the poor, visiting the sick, speaking good words etc.


When you sin, say "La ilaha illallah" after it. It is the best of the good deeds and it dissolves the sins.


Do dhikr and istighfar.




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