6 Ways to be a Good Productive Muslim

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Published: 3 years ago
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Allah’s Messenger Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wa sallam said, “A slave of Allah will remain standing on the Day of Judgement till he is questioned about his life on earth and how he spent it, and about his knowledge and how he utilized it, and his wealth and how he acquired it and in what way did he spend it, and about his body and how he wore it out.” -Sunane Tirmizi Acording to this hadith as a Muslim we must be productive. Because every single moment of our life is precious and we have to give an answer to Allah for it. So we should try to spend every moment of our life in good deeds and welfare of the people. We should try to make our life as productive as possible. Let’s know 6 ways to be a good productiv muslim :



1. Start your work at the beginning of the day after Fajr prayer.

Daily 1x

2. Avoid all kinds of sins. sins decrease the baraka of wealth, time and intellect.

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3. Be grateful to Allah. Help poor people. Pay annual obligatory Zakat. Give sadaqah whenever you get a chance.

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4. Recite the Quran daily, especially Surah Al Baqara.

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5. Do zikr and remember Allah frequently. Do zikr every time; when you walk, when you work, even when you cook. Bring zikr in your daily routine.

Daily 3x

6. Keep the company of productive righteous people of your calibers.

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