How to raise a good Muslim boy

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Published: 3 years ago
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Muslim Parents must realize that a child is blessing of Allah SWT. If you provide your children with a good upbringing in the way that Islam teaches us, then you are being thankful to Allah. Contrarily, if you neglect your child and their proper upbringing, then you are being ungrateful to the Almighty. For Muslim parents it is necessary to work on the upbringing of a boy as in the life hereafter they will be held responsible. There are some tips that can help Muslim parents raising their boys in a better way so that they become closer to Islam and be better practicing Muslims. May Allah make our children from amongst the righteous.



Instill Love of Allah and the Prophet ﷺ in their hearts.

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Show them affection. One of the biggest misconceptions about raising boys is teaching them to ignore their feelings and always using tough love with them.

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Be fair and honest. Fairness is important to boys. They respond best to discipline that is firm, honest and fair.

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Get dads involved.Boys need male role models. They need a father who leads by example and gently but firmly encourages them.

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Accept their childishness. Many parents dislike the messiness that comes along with raising boys. It is important to accept that and not be a disciplining parent all the time.

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Give them responsibilities around the house.Following directions and finishing tasks are very important skills to learn. Assign your son a regular task daily.

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