How to Spend Days like Mark Zuckerberg

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Published: 3 years ago
|Updated: 3 years ago

Mark Zuckerberg has a lot on his plate. He runs social media giant facebook.This tech CEO has quite a lot to do. If you want to be like this person, you need to follow the day like him. Follow the tips below to master your daily routine.



Wake up at 8 am.

Daily 1x

Exercises about three times a week.

Weekly 3x

Don't get too picky about your breakfast. Eat whatever you feel like having that day.

Daily 1x

Wear the same thing almost every day to eliminate decision fatigue.

Daily 1x

Avoid wasting time on small decisions.


Work 50 to 60 hours a week.

Daily 1x

Spend most of your time by expanding your mind when you're not working. For example: Learn a new language.

Daily 1x

Read books everyday. Target to finish one new book every two weeks.

Daily 1x

Make time to travel extensively for work.

Weekly 1x

Pray for your children depending on your own religion before going to bed.

Daily 1x

Swap out late night hacking binges for sleep routines with your children.

Daily 1x

Take your dinner at 9.00 pm. After dinner try to complete the pending tasks.

Daily 1x

Go to bed at around 12 pm if possible.

Daily 1x

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