How we can teach our children good manner and behavior

by Yaqeen Institute
Published: 2 years ago
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The prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam said, be kind to your children and perfect their manners. (Sunan Ibn Majah 3671) According to this hadith we have to teach our children good manners and behavior and also have to be kind in teaching them. One of the biggest mistakes a lot of parents make is they begin with rules, they create random rules for children ‍and create pressure to follow them. It's a wrong process. Begin teaching them by yourself, being the best idol they can follow. Your children will follow you with their eyes more than they follow with their ears. Lets know how we can teach our children good manner and behavior :



1. Be your best self. Strive to be the best person and best Muslim you can be. Especially in front of your children. Be charitable, kind, moral, honest in your life and certainly with your children.

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2. Take care of yourself. To be your best you need to get enough sleep, eat healthy and exercise.

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3. Keep trying to be your best even if you fail. Your children will see your effort and commitment.

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