Keep up your IMMUNE DEFENSES with these 4 simple LIFESTYLE tips

by Dr. Suneel Dhand
Published: 3 years ago
|Updated: 3 years ago

Lack of focus on immune and metabolic health is a major concern, especially in covid pandemic time. So gentle advice on how we all can take steps to improve our health, well-being and optimize our immune and metabolic health will help everyone. ** Following tips are suggested by Internal Medicine Physician Dr. Suneel Dhand of MedStoic Lifestyle Medicine. As each individual patient’s health condition can vary for different reasons, we suggest you consult with a doctor before following these tips.**



1. Eat foods like vegetables, fruits a minimum of five servings per day.

Daily 1x

2. Avoid processed foods and sugars totally.


3. Exercise as much as possible appropriate for your age.

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4. Have restful sleep every night for six to eight hours.

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5. Try to do meditation, take outdoor walks, engage in a hobby, etc to manage your stress level in control.

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Dr. Suneel Dhand


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