How to fight anxiety head on ? (Islamic ways)

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Published: 2 years ago
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We all experience difficulties in our life’s and as Muslims we should know that this is a test from Allah. In fact, this is something Muslims firmly believe in, that going through difficult times is inevitable. Even the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) went through difficult times. A certain degree of worry and anxiety exists in everyone and is completely normal. Everyone worries at times. However, for some people, anxiety can take over their lives,which can lead to a multitude of physical and mental health issues. Constant worry and anxiety can impact our productivity and strain our relationships. So we should fight against anxiety. Here are some tips that can help you prepare in your fight against them.



Mindfulness. It is important to be mindful of your thoughts. If you ever have negative thoughts you need to be aware of them and identify them when they creep into your mind. Changing the way you think will make you change the way you feel.

Daily 1x

Breathe. Just by doing breathing strategies can help you release the air build-up effectively and in turn reduce the effects of anxiety.

Daily 2x

Exercise. It gives time away from worries and helps work off nervous energy. It is recommended that people do at least half an hour a day three days a week of cardio exercise.

Weekly 3x

Watch what you eat. Maintaining a healthy dose of magnesium is important. Studies show that magnesium deficiency reduces our body's ability to properly deal with and tolerate stress.

Daily 1x

Cut down on caffeine as this is directly linked to increased anxiety.


Gratitude meditation. All you need to do is think about something that you are grateful for. It is an effective tool to enhance our quality of life.

Daily 1x

Istikhara. By doing Istikhara you are placing your uncertain future on the one who is your Healer,Protector and Savior- Allah SWT. This will place a comfort in your heart knowing that Allah has chosen what is best for you.

Daily 1x

Dhikr. One of the key ways of achieving tranquility in life is through the remembrance of Allah. You will find peace in your hearts by doing dhikr.

Daily 5x

Remember that worries or anxieties won't kill you. Place your trust in Allah and at the same time seek professional help.


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