How to Identify Heat Stroke and Treat it quickly

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Published: 2 years ago
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Heatstroke means when the body loses its ability to cool itself and its core temperature becomes dangerously high. For some people, it can kill within 30 minutes. So, it is vital that you know how to identify heatstroke and treat it quickly. The symptoms of heat stroke include heavy sweating, rapid breathing, nausea, fast weak pulse, lightheadedness, the feeling of fatigue, convulsions, unconsciousness, hot dry skin, etc. The affected person might also experience cramps in the muscles. If you spot any of these signs in yourself or someone else particularly on a hot day, it’s essential to cool the body down as quickly as possible. It’s also essential to take the affected person to a nearby hospital as fast as possible. Here are some essential tips for treating heat stroke that can save lives.



Remove any unnecessary clothing and expose as much skin as possible.


Seek shade and drink plenty of fluids.


Sprinkle a little bit of water just onto your skin.


Apply ice or cold packs in the areas where there are major blood vessels such as the back of the neck or the armpits.


Put your hands in cold water because it’s the fastest way to cool your body when it’s hot.


If the person is unconscious, put him/her in the recovery position and if she/he has a seizure, move nearby objects out of the way to prevent injury.


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