6 Daily Habits That Will Make You Look Smarter and More Powerful

by CosmicScale
Published: 2 years ago
|Updated: 2 years ago

Here are six essential things to pay attention to when building your own executive presence:



1. Look the part. Executives in your organization likely dress on a similar level of formality. Whether that's business attire or sweats, they set the norm for their circle of peers. Noticing those trends and mirroring them in your own wardrobe is a starting place. Of course, bringing your own sense of style along is key.


2. Have an opinion. Leaders speak up on issues that matter to them when they have the opportunity. So should you. If you're concerned about thinking up something relevant or if you like to have time to mull over points before forming an opinion, that's great, but do a little research ahead so you have some constructive and ready-made feedback to contribute.


3. When entering a room, take a moment before flying through the door to grab a seat to notice who's in the room. Pick the seat you want and take it, intentionally.


4. Ask great questions. Being known for asking great questions about how an issue will impact customers, staff, suppliers, partners, etc., will not only help you form opinions about key topics, you'll be noticed for having the interests of important stakeholders in mind.


5. Sit up straight with your feet firmly on the ground. Focus on projecting your voice to the furthest person in the room without shouting. Speaking too quietly for everyone to hear and being asked to speak up can be embarrassing. It also erodes others' sense of how confident you feel in your point. Our body language not only impacts what others think, it impacts how confident we feel. Check out Amy Cuddy's TED Talk on power posing to learn more.


6. Avoid qualifying statements such as "I think..." "I'm sure you already thought of this but..." and "I don't know if this is where we're going with this, but... ."




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