5 Things to Practice Every Day to Improve Your English Communication Skills

by English With Lucky's Tips
Published: 2 years ago
|Updated: 2 years ago

Learning a language is like learning to play a musical instrument. You can not just pick up a violin and know how to play it. You have to practice a little bit every single day and over time you will develop and become fluent. So, here I am going to give you five different ways that you can incorporate English into your daily life. Enroll the tips and practice every day to improve your English communication skills.



Listen to an audio soap-opera daily.

Daily 1x

Talk daily with native speakers to gain better fluency.

Daily 1x

Set daily word goals to enrich your vocabulary.


Write a daily journal with a difference.

Daily 1x

Perform daily translation of subjects you're really interested in.

Daily 1x

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