3 best body language signs for making friends

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Published: 2 years ago
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Body language is the science of nonverbal signals such as gestures, facial expressions, and eye gaze that communicate a person’s emotions and intentions. Unlike words, body language is often done subconsciously and constitutes a large part of our communication.We use body language whenever we communicate face to face.Using positive body language can help us get what we want if we know how to use it. It can land us a job, help us sell our house, win an argument, or start a relationship. Negative body language, on the other hand, can keep us from getting the things we want. What's more, it can cause us to lose friends, miss out on opportunities at work, or offend people we want to impress. So it is a powerful tool of communication and usually reliable to reveal our true feelings.There are three body language signs that if we use these upon meeting people - it will become much more likely that we will befriend them.



Smile. It is the most powerful friend signal. When you genuinely smile during a conversation both you and whoever you are interacting with will feel good.


Eyebrow flash. This is when you raise and drop your eyebrows very quickly.It is kind of saying hello and can make you appear a lot more friendlier. It's best used from a distance,at least a couple of feet away.


Head tilt. When you actively tilt your head it gives a signal to the person you are interacting with that you are relaxed and comfortable. In turn that will make the person comfortable and relaxed and the conversation will be a lot more friendlier.


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