6 Things You Must Have In Your Life

by Improvement Pill
Published: 3 years ago
|Updated: 3 years ago

There are some things that we must have in our life.We might be able to build a couple of good habits, might be able to increase our willpower – but without these 6 fundamental human needs we will not be able to overcome our addiction for good. We are not talking about the basic survival needs like Food, Clothing or Shelter. We are talking about the most important psychological needs that the human brain craves for and functions around them and on those our, all decisions, behaviour and actions depend on. Those are:



Certainty. Knowing about what to expect in the future. Our Human brain can’t always be uncertain about common things, daily tasks or about surroundings.


Variety. We need to have some sort of excitement in our life - exciting hobbies, adventure, trying new things, meeting new people etc.


Significance. We need to feel that we are important, we matter.


Love/Connection. It’s the most common need of everyone. Everyone wants to be loved and liked, whether it’s love from family, their partner or from society.


Growth. We need to see some sorts of Improvements or growth in our lives.


Contribution. The real happiness and fulfillment felt to all of us, when we start thinking of others rather than about self all time. And this need of contribution is also the main thing which supports us to grow in career, relation and in society.


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