How to Adapt to Changing Times

by Simon Sinek
Published: 3 years ago
|Updated: 3 years ago

Why did Netflix invent Netflix? The movie or TV industry was protecting their old business model. They did not care about the change. They also waited for the change to happen. You have the great advantage that there are other professions that have gone through changes before you. Now you can see what they have done right or wrong. You can also see how they are completely done. So change is inevitable. You have to cope with it. Follow the following tips to adapt to changing times.



Do not go down the route of protectionism.


Do not sign the death warrant of your business by protecting changes.


Keep in mind that another firm outside of your profession can make your business difficult.

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Determine what value you offer to people who buy your products.

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Adapt the product or service with changing day and age.

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Ignore whatever your way of providing the product or service was because it is irrelevant and may or may not survive.

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Simon Sinek


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