7 Productive Daily Habits

by Modern Health Monk
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Published: 3 years ago
|Updated: 3 years ago

For some of us, organizing our daily tasks and getting done with it can really be daunting. There are so many tasks to do and goals to meet that it’s quite challenging for us to keep up with. However, by following the tips hereunder we can get the best out of our day.



Keep a record of all the projects you are working on i.e. write them down on your favoured medium (you can use the Evernote app).

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Organize the day around your energy, not time. Find your peak time of the day when you can assign your highest focus on the task at hand.

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Always use the 3 checkbox productivity system (take a paper, list down 3 tasks, assign 40 min for each,order them to most to least important, record how much energy will be required).

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Do something in the morning to get the blood flow going or change your mind state e.g. exercise, briefly going through your goals.

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Read or listen to something everyday for 30 minutes.

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Reflect on what’s working or not working in the passage of achieving your goals.

Weekly 1x

While you go to bed, tell yourself, ‘My work is done.’

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