How To Train Your Cat: Beginners Start Here

by Cat School
Published: 3 years ago
|Updated: 3 years ago

We've made it easy to start training your cat with this beginner series. In the first part of this cat training tutorial, your cat will learn to follow a finger target. In the second part, you will use the finger target to guide your cat over a leg jump. Consider these warm-up tips that you can start even before you get your clicker training tools.



Place a treat down a few feet from your cat so that they can search for it. Repeat until your cat is actively searching for it.

Daily 8x

Repeat step 1, pointing to each treat that you place down, so your cat knows the sight of your finger indicates food.

Daily 8x

Pretend to put a treat down and point your finger to the spot where the treat should be. Say “Yes” when your cat approaches your finger, and reward with a treat from the same hand.

Daily 8x

Gradually raise your finger and reward your cat for approaching it.

Daily 8x

Sitting on the floor, use your finger target to guide your cat over your leg.

Daily 8x

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