How to uphold the spirit of Ramadan after Ramadan

by The All-Loving
Published: 3 years ago
|Updated: 3 years ago

Ramadan is the blessed month for us. It is like a training period. The purpose of this training is to develop taqwa,along with many other good habits. However, the good habits we developed during the blessed month will sometimes be forgotten until next Ramadan – we may be too busy, distracted, unmotivated or simply forget about them. Many of us try to hold onto the 'spirit of Ramadan' for as long as possible - the powerful connection to Allah,the revived relationship with the Quran and Salah, being productive and active with our worship and so on. Some of the scholars say that the tail end of Ramadan is the sign from Allah,whether the whole Ramadan has been accepted. So we should continue to carry out our sincere worship,our good habits after Ramadan. There are 3 things you should continue to do.



Connection with the Quran. Continue reading the Quran, at least for 15mins a day.

Daily 1x

Fasting. It is not confined to the month of Ramadan only. Fast every monday and thursday in a week,as our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) used to do.

Weekly 2x

Salah. Never miss a single prayer. Nothing should come between you and your salah and it should be the last thing that you ever let go of.

Daily 5x

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