5 rules for people thinking about starting a youtube channel

by Captain Sinbad's Tips
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Published: 3 years ago
|Updated: 3 years ago

These days we’ve kind of lost our taste in television shows as most of us are getting used to YouTube. So it is most likely that anyone who has anything entertaining to offer, can do so simply and reach a considerable amount of viewers given the content. However, it is a hard job to grab loads of subscribers and views within months or even years. You must have to cling to some basic rules to get the reach you aspire for. The tips hereunder will give you a leg up in starting your YouTube channel-



Give it three years before you judge yourself.


Don’t be afraid to combine niches. You can choose filmmaking, comedy and self development altogether though they are far different from each other.


Focus and make progress on the connected matters i.e. if you are into comedy, emphasis on the scripts whether they are funny enough.

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Study and extract from channels one magnitude bigger than you.

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Stay detached and just keep uploading.

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