Concentration: The most important skill for improving your life

by better ideas
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Published: 3 years ago
|Updated: 3 years ago

Final exams are only one week away. You are sitting at your desk for hours a day but unable to pull off a single chapter. You’re doing everything from wandering around your social media to streaming YouTube videos but studying! You really don’t need to spend hours to get your tasks properly done, in fact, if you do the task for just one hour with ruthless focus and concentration, that will be more worthwhile. Concentrating on a single task might be tough but the following tips will help you to start-



Properly craft your physical environment. An organized and distractionless environment will contribute to an organized and centered mind.

Daily 1x

Design your digital environment in such a way that it should optimize your focus on the task at hand i.e. use search engine extensions to get rid of social media distractions.

Daily 1x

Train your mind to be present and fully engaged with whatever you’re doing.

Daily 1x

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